They offer unparalleled customer benefits, are proven in practice through over 50 years of experience, saving clients time and money

STRAUB – The Right Market Expertise

Thanks to many years of practical experience in various markets and submarkets, we have the expertise and overview to develop detailed solutions and procure the quality required.

We have the knowledge about the specific requirements of individual markets for safety, functionality and reliability for optimum pipe connections. Additionally, we know the relevant statutory provisions and have all international approvals required. Therefore, you may rely on the proper world-wide pipe connection competency provided by STRAUB.

Swiss Engineering Competency
For reliable high-performance pipe systems focusing on the following markets:

  • Water
    • Drinking water treatment
    • Irrigation
  • Renewable Energies
    • Hydro power plants
    • Wastewater energy
    • Solar energy
  • Industry
    • Transportation